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Supporting your displaced workers

Managing a workforce restructure, transition or terminations is critical. It can be stressful for the management team, current employees and the transitioning workers. It can also have a big effect on your productivity, brand and future employee acquisition.

Our outplacement programs support your displaced workers to gain successful re-employment whilst minimizing your companies’ reputational risk and maintaining workforce engagement.

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The Benefits

Creating a positive transition

benefits for your displaced workers:

  • Significantly reduces the length of a former employee's job search
  • Increases confidence and self-awareness
  • Provides your people with the strategies and confidence they need to get back on their feet faster than just a payout alone
  • Provides active and relevant job opportunities

benefits for your company:

  • Maintains healthy relationships with your displaced employees, retained staff and customers to reduce reputational risk
  • Creates a positive, step-by-step process during a difficult and uncertain time
  • Reduces the likelihood of unfair dismissal claims
  • Demonstrates that you care about your employees


Empowering with compassion

We have a long-standing relationship with many local and national companies, to deliver effective and compassionate outplacement to individuals, groups and executives.

Our team’s extensive contacts base and market knowledge, combined with their empathetic approach, will ensure your people are empowered to accelerate their job search and ultimately gain successful re-employment.


The Program

Building jobseeker confidence and skills

Our outplacement program can be delivered one-on-one or in a group setting and is designed to provide your people with the right tools, advice and confidence to navigate the path to new employment. The program is most effective when provided in 3 sessions, although we can also tailor programs to your specific needs.

The program sets your people up for success by helping them to understand themselves and their market value proposition whilst providing them with all the skills and resources to engage in a highly effective job search.

We also have the capacity and flexibility to provide our programs remotely, whilst still ensuring that the level of service is uncompromised.


Targeted training on job-search tools and resources such a SEEK, LinkedIn, other job boards and social media platforms


Extensively map professional experience, skills, strengths and areas of growth to build confidence and awareness


Review online presence, create online accounts, update online profiles, and configure appropriate job alerts


Industry specific resume review and refinement, using best in market practices


Identify transferable and marketable skills and experience for current workforce opportunities


Undertake personality profiling and uncover specific work styles and behaviours to inform job selection


Offer advice on industry specific interview questions, settings and presentation to prepare for interview success


Use our extensive networks to actively search for relevant job opportunities


Provide advice on salary package expectations, negotiation and formal job offer management for successful job placement

Alissa Bower

Senior Consultant

Alissa Bower is an experienced Outplacement consultant and our practice leader. We have a wider team of 10 experienced consultants who are also available to contribute to the process and will be actively searching their professional networks to identify potential opportunities for your workers.

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